Friday, February 5, 2010

Playlist: Feburary 4th, 2010

It's late, so I'll just tell ya, lots of old skool thrash and then we took things in a different direction.

The Sledge (Rock (Loud)) with Timothy Sledge 02/04/2010 10:30PM to 12:30AM

  1. Megadeth "Hanger 18" from "Rust in Peace"
  2. Metallica "Seek and Destroy" from "Kill 'Em All"
  3. Slayer "Chemical Warfare" from "The Best of Metal Blade"
  4. Sodom "Witching Metal" from "In The Sign Of Evil"
  5. Machine Head "Imperium" from "The Blackening and Beyond"
  6. Hallow's Eve "Plunging to Megadeath" from "best of Metal Blade Volume 1"
  7. Testament "The Formation of Damnation" from "The Formation of Damnation"
  8. Tankard "Zombie Attack" from "Zombie Attack"
  9. Wrath "Children of the Wicked" from "Fit of Anger"
  10. The Lead "Tunnel Vision" from "East Coast Metal"
  11. Voivod "Cockroaches" from "Doomsday News"
  12. Gwar "Salaminizer" from "Metal Blade Records Sampler"
  13. Warrior "Defenders of Creation" from "Fighting For The Earth"
  14. McAuley Schenker Group "Gimme Your Love" from "Perfect Timing"
  15. Dokken "Night By Night" from "Back For The Attack"
  16. Motley Crue "Smokin' in the Boy's Room" from "Theater of Pain"
  17. Quiet Riot "Let's Get Crazy" from "Metal Health SIngle"
  18. W.A.S.P. "Animal (Fuck LIke A Beast)" from "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)"
  19. Accept "Balls To The Wall" from "Balls To The Wall"
  20. Alice in Chains "Check My Brain" from "Black Gives Way to Blue"
  21. Black Sabbath "Lady Evil" from "Heaven Hell"
  22. Priestess "Raccoon Eyes" from "Prior to the Fire"
  23. Pelican "An Inch Above Sand" from "What We All Come To Need"
  24. Dethklok "The Gears" from "Dethalbum"
  25. Ac/dc "Gimme a Bullet" from "Powerage"
  26. Ozzy Osborne "Killer of Giants" from "Ultimate Sin"

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tim's Top 6(66) of 2009: And You Thought You Were Safe From Year End Lists

Well it's the end of January 2010 and you thought you were in the clear from year-end lists. My friend you are WRONG! Here's my top Six(66) albums of 2009!

6. Slough Feg - Ape Uprising
Half this album is a tale of our ape brethren throwing off their shackles and taking back their freedom. The other half is equally awesome.

5. Children - Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World
The world had it coming. This album purely rules. I knew I was hooked right when the opening riff on the opening track "Advanced Mind Control" kicked in.

4. Living Colour - Chair in the Doorway
Not Heavy Metal persay, but Chair in the Doorway is covered with heavy riffs. This is an album that I put on repeat listening to over and over. Catchy beats, flawless melodies, and well, just give it a listen.

3. Devin Townsend Project - Addicted
Strapping Young Lad frontman Devin Townsend is back with the second album in the Devin Townsend Project run of records. Addicted is a commercially oriented heavy album. The melodies are untouchable. Every song blends together to form and album of pure heart.

2. Steel Panther - Feel the Steel
This album is pure genius and was played at more parties this year than Andrew W.K.

1. Baroness - Blue Record
Not much to say about this. Check out my review for the low-down.

Well folks, there ya have it. Hopefully this has caused you some grief. Sound off on all the awesome albums I skipped in the comments!

Playlist: January 29th, 2010

Tonight I gave you my top 6(66) albums of 2009. I figured since it was the end of January 2010, I should probably get off my ass and feature them. I also featured some other notable (not everything) albums/tracks from 2009. We also played a new track from Priestess, stoked.

The Sledge (Rock (Loud)) with Timothy Sledge 01/28/2010 10:30PM to 12:30AM

  1. Death "Living Monstrosity" from "Spiritual Healing"
  2. Pantera "Mouth For War" from "Vulgar Display of Power"
  3. Metallica "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" from "Master of Puppets"
  4. Primal Fear "Chainbreaker" from "Primal Fear"
  5. Saxon "Need For Speed" from "Denim and Leather"
  6. Iron Maiden "Paschendale" from "The Essential Iron Maiden"
  7. Merciful Fate "My Demon" from "Time"
  8. Slough Feg "Ape Outro" from "Ape Uprising" -- Tim's #6 Top 6(66)
  9. Children "Advanced Mind Control" from "Hard Times Hanging At The End of The World" -- Tim's #5 Top 6(66)
  10. Living Colour "Young Man" from "The Chair in the Doorway" -- Tim's #4 Top 6(66)
  11. Devin Townsend Project "Supercrush!" from "addicted" -- Tim's #3 Top 6(66)
  12. Steel Panther "Turn Out The Lights" from "Feel The Steel" -- Tim's #2 Top 6(66)
  13. Baroness "The Sweetest Curse" from "Blue Record" -- Tim's #1 Top 6(66)
  14. Priestess "Lay Down" from "Hello Master"
  15. Priestess "Lady Killer" from "Prior to the Fire"
  16. Overkill "Ironbound" from "Ironbound"
  17. Kreator "Pleasure To Kill" from "Pleasure To Kill"
  18. Lamb of God "Set to Fail" from "Wrath"
  19. Judas Priest "Judas Rising" from "Touch of Evil"
  20. Megadeth "44 Minutes" from "Endgame"
  21. Mastodon "Crack The Skye" from "Crack The Skye"
  22. Beatallica "Everybody's Got a Ticket to Ride Except for Me and My Lightning" from "Masterful Mystery Tour"

Monday, January 11, 2010

First Show of the Decade! Playlist: Jan. 7th, 2010

I hit you with some classic heavy metal to kick off the first show of the year (decade). Metalbeard gave you his top pics for best albums of 2009. See his picks after the jump!

The Sledge (Rock (Loud)) with Timothy Sledge 01/07/2010 10:30PM to 12:30AM
  1. Black Sabbath "Computer God" from "Dehumanizer"
  2. Ozzy Osbourne "Paranoid" from "The Essential" -- featuring Randy Rhoads
  3. Motorhead "Bomber" from "No Sleep Till Hammersmith"
  4. Metallica "Metal Militia" from "Kill 'Em All"
  5. Testament "The Preacher" from "The New Order"
  6. Judas Priest "Between The Hammer & The Anvil" from "Painkiller"

Monday, December 21, 2009

Top Music Videos of 2009

Now these are in no particular order. Many music videos were scrutinized over on a scale of 1 to awesome. Here's the videos that made it:

TÝR - "Hold The Heathen Hammer High" from By The Light of The Northern Star
I didn't take TÝR seriously until this album. It's Pagan/Viking metal in it's purest, unadulterated  form.This video just screams awesome. There's nothing more metal than sailing on a long ship, running through the forest, chopping down a cross, lighting said cross on fire, spitting on said cross and then continuing to hit the cross with your swords/axes.

Friday, December 11, 2009

This is how year end lists make me feel

That said, Metalbeard and I will be posting our lists shortly.

Bitch Slap!

I can't wait to see this whole movie:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sledge...End of Finals Edition...PAAAARTY! UPDATED: PLAYLIST

For those outside of UC Santa Cruz, this week was finals week. I had the good fortune of finishing up yesterday. With a night of partying out of my way, I'm here to help you out. Tune into The Sledge tonight at 10:30 for a special party soundtrack. Things to expect: Andrew W.K., Municipal Waste, and the Three B's: Beer, Booze, Babes.

I want you to rage it up tonight.

Swing your dial to 88.1FM or stream live HERE. Don't forget to call in requesting your favorite party songs!

Here's the playlist from last night. As you can see, we weren't too creative. I think finals drained all that energy out of me. I'm still recovering.

The Sledge (Rock (Loud)) with Timothy Sledge 12/10/2009 10:30PM to 12:30AM

  1. Gwar "School's Out" from "Beyond Hell"
  2. Municipal Waste "The Art of Partying" from "The Art of Partying"
  3. Andrew W.K "It's Time To Party" from "I Get Wet"
  4. The Buzzz... "Let's Party" from "Bikers... Babes... Beers..."
  5. Exodus "Lowrider" from "Fabulous Disaster"
  6. Andrew W.K "We Want Fun" from "AWKGOJ"
  7. Municipal Waste "Beer Pressure" from "The Art of Partying"
  8. Black Tide "Hit The Lights" from "Light From Above"
  9. Psychostick "Beer!" from "Beer!"
  10. Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" from "Cowboys From Hell"
  11. Andrew W.K "Party party party" from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters"
  12. RATT "Round and Round" from "Out Of The Cellar"
  13. Tenacious D "Beelzeboss" from "The Pick of Destiny"
  14. Yngwie Malmsteen "I Am a Viking" from "Marching Out"
  15. Children of Bodom "Somebody Put Something In My Drink" from "Skeletons in the Closet"
  16. Andrew W.K "Girls Own Love" from "I Get Wet"
  17. Municipal Waste "Born to Party" from "The Art of Partying"
  18. Andrew W.K "Party Til You Puke" from "I Get Wet"
  19. Gwar "War Party" from "War Party"
  20. Andrew W.K "I Get Wet" from "I Get Wet"
  21. Scorpions "Blackout" from "Blackout"
  22. Manowar "Metal Daze" from "Battle Hymns"
  23. Metallica "The Four Horsemen" from "Kill 'Em All"
  24. Steel Panther "Party All Day" from "Feel The Steel"
  25. Iron Maiden "Wicker Man" from "Rock in Rio"
  26. Steel Panther "Turn Out the Lights" from "Feel The Steel"
  27. Motley Crue "Kickstart My Heart" from "Dr. Feelgood"
  28. Korpiklaani "Let's Drink" from "Tvrveskento"
  29. Alestorm "Wenches and Mead" from "Captain Morgan's Revenge"
  30. Andrew W.K "She is Beautiful" from "I Get Wet"

Monday, December 7, 2009

Quick Update

If you're wondering why there haven't been many updates recently, here's the answer. It's finals week and UCSC and my balls are deeply dipped.

Things to expect/hope for after Wednesday (when I'm done):
  • My review of the Dethklok/Mastadon/Converge/High on Fire show.
  • Review of Devin Townsend's Addicted.
  • Review of Gama Bomb's Tales from The Grave in Space
  • PARTY with me Thursday night on The Sledge (everyone's done with finals in Santa Cruz)!
  • Ronnie James Dio and what his illness means for him and us.
  • Thoughts on the 3 Inches of Blood, Saviours, Holy Grail, and A Band of Orcs show.
That should be enough to keep me busy over winter break. Until then, check out this new music video for Devin Townsend Project - "Bend it like Bender"

It's one of the more interesting music videos I've seen in a while. I simply love the way it's "cartooned." Almost looks anime.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Converge Steals the Show From Mastodon and Dethklok

Last night myself, Toothgnasher and some fellow metallions checked out the Mastodon/Dethklok co-headlining show at the San Jose Events Center. We unfortunately missed High on Fire due to a combination of us leaving late and it taking 500 years to get a parking space inside the venue's parking garage. We walked up to the will call booth right as Matt and co. finished their set, which sucked because because they've put on an amazing show the other times I've seen them and our friends that got there earlier all said they were great.

Luckily we got in and were situated on the floor before Converge took the stage and it was well worth it. The guys came onstage with a flurry of energy that, as far as I'm concerned, is unmatchable. Ben Koller was unable to be seen underneath the swirling mass of hair and drumsticks behind the kit. Nate Newton rocked the hell out of his bass. Kurt Ballou somehow managed to play every note perfectly while thrashing himself about. Jacob Bannon was easily the embodiment of stage energy however, as he continued to run around the stage, never staying in the same place for longer than 5 seconds or so. Unfortunately the crowd was pretty unresponsive to any of this as it was mostly made up of 15 year old non-metalheads along with metalheads who were "too tr00" for any "gay ass hardcore shit". While those in the pit were very receptive, there were far more "Fuck Yous" than cheers elsewhere in the audience. Many seemed to have a problem with Bannon's vocal delivery but honestly it doesn't sound much different than what he does on the albums. Also the band plays incredibly angry and emotional hardcore music, so what do you expect? Despite the negative crowd response however, Converge never once let up with their energy or intensity. Every note, drum hit and scream was spot on and the experience of their set (only the second time I've seen them) was exactly what I needed to start my night off right.

I was coming off a huge high after Converge's set and sat there kind of bummed out as I was expecting to be let down by Mastodon. Luckily however, they played a very good but still somewhat lacking set. I knew going in that they were going to play Crack the Skye in its entirety, which I wasn't too pleased about as I like their other albums more but I figured it would come off better live than on CD. Maybe it was the fact that most of the people around me seemed to be simply waiting for Dethklok and didn't seem into the set at all but I didn't find the live experience of the album to be as great as I'd read about from other websites. By this time we were near the back of the crowd and I did hear a ton of people singing along to the songs up in the front. I would imagine that if I were up there the initial set would have been way better. After this the band came out and played through some tracks from their earlier albums however, they played none of my favorites. The songs they did picked aren't regularly played live though and I'm sure it was a welcome treat for the dedicated fans. I had never seen them before though, so the omissions of "Blood and Thunder", "Iron Tusk", "Crystal Skull" and others were a bit disappointing. That's definitely my own fault though, for not making it out to see them before. Throughout the set there was a video playing that portrayed parts of Crack the Skye's story. This was interesting and definitely added something to the show but it seemed to be a distraction from the fact that the band had no energy whatsoever. They pretty much just stood there and played their instruments. Coming right after the energetic high that was Converge, this was a definite downer. Despite this however, the band played everything meticulously. All of the songs were spot on and even bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders doing Scott Kelly's (Neurosis) guest vocal parts on "Crack the Skye" and "Aqua Dementia" sounded perfect. The quality of the set, despite the fact that most of my favorites weren't played was definitely a pleasant surprise.

After Mastodon's set the crowd started to fill into the pit more and we decided to take a seat up in the bleachers. It was a pretty good decision as the Dethklok fans went absolutely nuts once the band hit the stage. As much as I love Metalocalypse, I've really never been able to get into the music of it. It's all well played but it just sounds extremely generic. That can pretty much describe Dethklok's set as well. As I haven't listened to DethAlbum II yet, all the songs they played from that album ran together for me. I did pick out a few choice tracks from the first season and album and while they did appeal to my nostalgia for those particular sequences in the episodes, they made me want to go watch my DVDs rather than listen to the songs. The main reason I was excited to see Dethklok however, was the tour exclusive animations that had been featured between songs the last time I saw them. I remembered them being hilarious and on par with some of the best sequences in the show. To my dismay however, all of the videos they played were exactly the same as the ones they'd done two years ago. There's been a whole second season and part of a third since that time, you would think they'd have some new animated material. Perhaps a guest appearance of fan favorite Dr. Rockso or the Revengencers? This would have added something to what was overall a very boring set for me. Everyone else around me enjoyed it but I think it was their first time seeing the band and thus they didn't experience the same sense of repetition.

Overall this show was definitely worth it. Probably even more so if you were there to see High on Fire. Mastodon was great and Dethklok were at least entertaining to some degree but the band of the night has to be Converge. They just had a new album come out so look for them on a headlining tour soon. They'll be guaranteed to have a more receptive crowd and will probably have even more energy.